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Music Match is LinkedIn for classical musicians. It lets performers, composers, technicians find each other, communicate, and collaborate.


  • Find composers who write music for your instrument, in your style and level. Check out their compositions, or ask them to write new ones for you.
  • Find local musicians to play and perform music with.


  • Find performers to play, perform, and record your compositions.
  • Get (and give) help with score editing and rendering software.

Music Match is designed for musicians at all levels, both amateur and professional.

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Music Match is a non-profit open-source project based at the University of California, Berkeley.

The data collected by Music Match will not be sold, distributed, or used for other purposes. You can delete your account, in which case all data about you will be removed.


You can now add a picture of yourself. Pictures are shown in search results, message boards, and user pages.
7 May 2022, 18:55:23 UTC · Discuss

Test data removed
We removed the artificial users and ensembles; everything is real now.
21 Apr 2022, 8:12:22 UTC · Discuss

Search notifications
If someone does a search, and you're in the top 10 results, you get notified.
12 Apr 2022, 4:47:32 UTC · Discuss

Add text to search function
Searches of all types can now specify one or more words, which are matched against the item's text (introduction, user-specified instruments and styles, and so on).
4 Apr 2022, 9:19:26 UTC · Discuss

Add Introduction for each role
Profiles for each role (composer, performer, technician, teacher) now can include an "introduction" , where you can describe yourself in that role - your favorite composers, your background, whatever you want. This replaces "influences" in composer profiles. Introductions are shown as popups in search results.
2 Apr 2022, 6:46:36 UTC · Discuss

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