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You can now add a picture of yourself. Pictures are shown in search results, message boards, and user pages.
7 May 2022, 18:55:23 UTC · Discuss

Test data removed
We removed the artificial users and ensembles; everything is real now.
21 Apr 2022, 8:12:22 UTC · Discuss

Search notifications
If someone does a search, and you're in the top 10 results, you get notified.
12 Apr 2022, 4:47:32 UTC · Discuss

Add text to search function
Searches of all types can now specify one or more words, which are matched against the item's text (introduction, user-specified instruments and styles, and so on).
4 Apr 2022, 9:19:26 UTC · Discuss

Add Introduction for each role
Profiles for each role (composer, performer, technician, teacher) now can include an "introduction" , where you can describe yourself in that role - your favorite composers, your background, whatever you want. This replaces "influences" in composer profiles. Introductions are shown as popups in search results.
2 Apr 2022, 6:46:36 UTC · Discuss

"Follow" replaces "friend"
We replaced "friendship", which requires confirmation , with "follow", which does not.
1 Apr 2022, 0:53:42 UTC · Discuss

URL change
Music Match is now at
31 Mar 2022, 18:28:32 UTC · Discuss

Tablet support
Listening to audio signatures in search results involved hovering the cursor over the user name. This didn't work on tablets (such as iPad) which don't have a notion of hovering.

We changed things so that you click on a note icon to hear the audio signature. This works on tablets as well as desktops.
29 Mar 2022, 19:44:03 UTC · Discuss

We added support for the Teacher role. You can now fill out a Teacher profile, and you can search for teachers.
29 Mar 2022, 19:39:50 UTC · Discuss

Searches and notifications
When you do a search, we now record it. We then periodically re-run the search and notify you if there are new results.
29 Mar 2022, 19:38:17 UTC · Discuss

On the air
Music Match is here, in alpha-test mode. The basic functions work, but

29 Mar 2022, 19:34:46 UTC · Discuss

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